Management Success Tip #84: Motivate Your Employees Into Taking Responsibility: Be The Example!

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One of the most important ways in which you exemplify the excellence you expect from others, is by taking responsibility.

You are human. Yup, you are. Neither more nor less than, which means that, like all humans, you make mistakes. Sometimes little ones, sometimes big ones, but being human guarantees that you will make mistakes.

The smartest, best thing you can do for your business is to let your employees know that you are taking responsibility for your errors in judgment, your faulty communications, your slip-ups, whatever they may be.

Think of the very public messes highly placed individuals have created for themselves and their companies over the past few years by refusing to take responsibility. By looking to blame someone else, something else, anything but stand up and say “I was responsible for that.”

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean wearing a hair shirt and flailing yourself.  It means being accountable. It’s having enough self-confidence to say “Yes, I made a mistake and here’s how I intend to rectify the situation.”

People respect that! People will not forgive a cover-up, people resent those who finger-point and attach blame to others. But people will forgive and do their best to move forward with those who show themselves to be accountable and do their best to make the situation better.

You want your employees to take responsibility? Great. Show them how it’s done by your example, and they will follow your lead.


Management Success Tip #66: Back To Basics: Leadership Made Easy!

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Management theories abound, and it seems there’s a new “latest and greatest” management book printed every month – not to mention the plethora of management blogs, this one included!

How are you supposed to keep up? How can you possibly read and absorb all that material, much less apply and integrate it?! It truly seems an impossible task.

So don’t. Go back to basics. You know, the ones you learned early in life about fairness and respect.

1. Welcome the newbies with the same enthusiasm you have for your top performers.

2. Make sure everyone is perfectly clear about the rules, processes and procedures that apply to their jobs and/or to the company.

3. Give everyone the support and resources they require to do their jobs well.

4. Appreciate a whole lot and never criticize without offering a solution.

That’s about it. Everything else is just different ways of accomplishing the above.