Hilton’s “Catch Me at My Best” Contest Validates Employee Value

Hilton’s “Catch Me at My Best,” a contest running through August 31 recognizing employees doing good work, is an example of how Hilton understands that valuing employees leads to higher company loyalty that will ultimately mean more company success.

I was on a business trip and saw the promotion at a Hampton Inn, one of 10 Hilton-owned brands. I was thrilled to see the effort Hilton is putting into the contest. Hilton says it’s using the contest to reinforce the values and behaviors that drive their success. That’s exactly what valuing employees does.

Catch Me at My Best enables hotel guests as well as managers and staff to recognize employees at Hilton properties for their positive acts of hospitality. Each hotel submits their “catches” and a running tally is kept online. Once the contest ends, individual employees and hotels are singled out for their good work.

Personal recognition has become very important in recruiting, retaining and motivating employees. A recent survey of 10,000 employees from Fortune 1,000 companies reveals that lack of recognition was a major reason for leaving a job. The survey results are an eye opener and should prompt every business owner to evaluate what they’re doing in their own company to recognize positive employee effort.

While Hilton understands the importance of employee appreciation and its impact on company productivity and company success, sadly, many businesses and managers don’t realize the need to appreciate their employees at all, figuring that paying them a salary is ample reward. In today’s workforce, that’s not enough. Recognition is easy, costs little or nothing but the payoff is huge.