Management Success Tip #34: High Praise Makes High Performers Shine Brighter!

Squeaky wheels tend to get our attention, be they cranky co-workers, whining customers or under-performing employees. We lavish our time and efforts on these individuals—necessarily so—but too often ignore our best performers in the process.

We assume that high performers are self-motivated and will keep on truckin’ with their usual brilliance, ‘cause that’s who they are. Uh-huh. Until your high performers get tired of being taken for granted and either slack off or jump ship.

Give your high performers their just rewards! Not just in terms of bonuses, but give them what matters: your praise and your attention. Let them know how much you value and appreciate not only their performance, but the standard of excellence it sets for others. Use their brilliance as a platform for improvement, theirs and yours: ask “How can I further support your good work?” or “What changes would you like to see in how we do things to make our company better?”

Your high performers are more than churner-outers of fine work. They are, when treated right, inspiration and motivation for the greater success of your business.