Management Success Tip #40: Beyond Instant Gratification: What if the Millennials Were Right?

Much has been made of the “me-me-me” ethic of the Millennials, as if that were all there is to this generation. People (especially Boomers) decry the Millennials’ selfishness and demand for immediate gratification.

But if you just look a hair beyond the surface of the Millennials’ “I want it and I want it now!!” you may find something very valuable for your business.

And that is, the true value of “Now!”

Social media has propelled our world into warp speed. Business is expected to keep up with consumer preferences and to deliver solutions to consumer problems at that same speed.

Yikes! That may seem near impossible, yet the Millennials, with their willingness to jump into new things with enthusiasm and creativity, are the very ones who can help businesses respond at social media speed.

In the recent Southwest Airlines debacle, where a computer glitch caused massive billing errors during what was supposed to be a terrific Facebook promotion, Southwest responded almost as quickly as the social media blasted the error all over the web. And SWA used social media to let people know why the problem happened and how they were handling it—along with appropriate apologies and immediate fixes.

Southwest may or may not have taken a page from the Millennials’ playbook in their response, but one thing is sure: your Millennial employees can help you brainstorm need-it-now ideas and solutions. Now!