Dedicated passionate Author-Speaker, Dr. Noelle Nelson lives by the maxim “Happy employees make YOU more money.” Really. Practical advice that works for all sizes & types of biz.

“Make your employees happy, the profits will follow” is a proven success strategy often dismissed because employers and managers confuse “happy” with “goofing off.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy uncovers how successful companies make their employees happy beyond the paycheck–and reap the profits that automatically ensue from engaged employees–increased productivity, high employee morale, excellent retention and decreased absenteeism.  All this is revealed in the book with a wealth of real-world examples (Southwest Airlines, Alcoa, Costco, Starbucks) that will convince even the most skeptical reader that this approach can pay off big time.Whether your business is a Mom & Pop shop or a Fortune 500 corporation, you’ll find Make More Money loaded with easy-to-use appreciation strategies that elicit profit-making innovations from workers, catapult employee performance from average to stellar, rehabilitate poor performers, facilitate change and assure that the three generations in your workplace play nice together, all rarely costing your business anything more than a change of focus.


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