“Happy Employees Equal Productivity & Profits: 101 Winning Tips” Now Available On Kindle

Happy Employees Equal Productivity and Profits

The booklet, Happy Employees Equal Productivity & Profits: 101 Winning Tips, is now available on Kindle for $3.99.

Why do some companies consistently enjoy resounding profits, high employee productivity, low turnover and a workforce that is willing to go the extra mile, regardless of the economic cycle–while others struggle in times of plenty? The secret is astonishingly simple:

Successful companies of all sizes actively and passionately show members
of their workforce that the company truly appreciates and values their efforts.

An appreciated employee is a happy employee. And happy employees translate into your making more money.

The tips in this booklet can be implemented immediately at little or no cost, to increase your company’s productivity and profits.

Tips are divided into 11 topics:

  • Why Appreciate?
  • Set the Tone
  • The Workplace
  • Catch ‘Em in the Act
  • Problem Solving
  • Employee Opinions
  • Engage Employees
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Appreciate Boomers
  • Appreciate GenXers
  • Appreciate Millenials

Sample Tips:

Give clear direction. It’s up to you to make sure the employee understands a task, not up to them to mind-read. Value employees by making it easy for them to succeed.

Respect all your employees. Put-downs and sarcasm hurt people. Teasing usually pleases the teaser far more than the teasee. Treat every­one with courtesy.

Be true to your word. Whatever you promise, big or small, deliver it. If you can’t deliver, proactively seek an equally attractive al­ternative and explain the situation honestly. The more you deliver on your promises, the more your employees will deliver for you.

Support employee personal needs as your budget permits, from the simple – stamps & greeting cards available for sale at the recep­tionist’s desk, the local laundry offers pick-up & delivery service, to the complex — onsite child care, a gym, an ATM.

Praise specifically. “The way you sum­marized the Smith meeting in your report was very concise, very helpful. Thanks.” “Fixing the timing mechanism so quickly got us back on track for that big order. Thank you.” Specific praise is more meaningful than general.

Fix the problem, not the blame. The employee knows he/she has messed up. More lambasting only demoralizes your employee further. Move on to problem solving as quickly as possible.

Break solutions down into small man­ageable steps. Too large a goal is a set up for failure. People are motivated by success. Many small goals achieved lead to a successful final outcome.

Let your suggestion box live up to its name. The more seriously you consider an employee’s suggestion and let it be known who’s idea it is, how great it is, and how you’re using all or part of it, the more beneficial those sugges­tions will be.

Show employees where they fit in the bigger picture. Every job is important. Make sure each employee knows exactly the value of his/her contribution.

Reward often. Don’t wait for major accomplishments to give rewards. Reward frequently with a “congrats!” email or card, a humorous “gold star,” a free lunch or designer coffee.


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