Management Success Tip #142: To Perform At Your Peak, Get Some Relief: Meditate!

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The demands on managers – let’s rephrase that – the demands on you, whether you’re running a department, a line, a team or an entire business, are intense. The explosion of technology and social media, with the transformation of how we do business, has multiplied your daily to-do exponentially. Not to mention your monthly, quarterly and annual goals and deadlines.

Somewhere in this, you need relief. Because there’s no way you can do what it takes to make your employees happy, if you aren’t enthused yourself. And you can’t possibly drum up enthusiasm when you’re tearing your hair out.

Try meditation. Mindfulness. Reflection.

It works. Just a few minutes of deliberate calm, of breathing, of internal quiet, goes a long way in producing focus and clarity, two essential ingredients to dynamic leadership.

Don’t take my word for it, here are some examples, as reported by Bill George:

With support from CEO Larry Page, Googleʼs Chade-Meng Tan, known as Googleʼs Jolly Good Fellow, runs hundreds of classes on meditation.

General Mills, under the guidance of CEO Ken Powell, has made meditation a regular practice. Former executive Janice Marturano, who led the companyʼs internal classes, has left the company to launch the Institute for Mindful Leadership , which conducts executive courses in mindfulness meditation.

Goldman Sachs, which moved up 48 places in Fortune Magazineʼs Best Places to Work list, was recently featured in Fortune for its mindfulness classes and practices.

Meditation and mindfulness are not just for full-time New Agers. On the contrary, they are powerful instruments for your well-being and success.


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