Management Success Tip #133: Managing Your Remote Team: Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Working remotely is no longer uncommon. Like it or not, many of the members of your team – if not all, are telecommuting.

How do you get people to work together, to collaborate, to accomplish company goals, when they aren’t even in the same country, much less the same building?

One of the keys, according to Kevin Eikenberry (Remarkable Learning, Leadership Tip, Jan. 2014), is to have clear goals:

What is the team trying to accomplish? Do they all know, and can they all consistently describe, the goals? What are you doing to remind people of these goals and keep them in front of them? While this is always important, it is especially so when people are not in consistent contact with each other. As a leader you must make sure the goals are clear and everyone is focused on moving towards them.” defines a goal as “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.”

Which means, that you have three goal-oriented issues to define, discuss with, and remind your remote team of:

– What is the result we’re looking to achieve?

– What is the effort required?

– What is the direction/s in which we should be aiming?

Explore these questions with your remote team regularly, and you’ll have a much easier time of keeping them together, collaborating, and effective.


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