Management Success Tip #125: ROWE and the Small Business: Amazing Real-World Results!

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /

Nothing speaks louder than real-world results.

Study after study has shown that a results-only work environment (ROWE) works amazingly well, both in terms of employee satisfaction and company success.

But many smaller businesses shy away from implementing ROWE, thinking that allowing employees to work when and where they please will just lead to lazy, sloppy work, diminished performance and rotten productivity. Or, if convinced of the worthiness of ROWE, will decide that the inevitable variety in hours and locations will take too much technology to integrate all of it and be financially sound.

Neither is true.

JA Counter & Associates, an investment and insurance agency base in Richmond, WI has 14 employees who have been in a ROWE since 2008. Since then, their expenses are down 23%, and net income has increased 94%! Not only that, before implementing ROWE, the agency was 15% behind the industry average. Since adopting ROWE, they are 4% and more ahead of the industry average.

Employees have control over their time, which facilitates a healthy work-life balance. Meetings are purposeful and planned, with those who prefer to attend remotely calling in. Even the agency’s receptionist has control over her hours, working them out with back-up personnel. No new technology was required.

ROWE and other such flexible employee arrangements are not just for major corporations. As JA Counter demonstrates, any size business can benefit from a results-oriented flexible approach.


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