Management Success Tip #120: Work Space Matters: Make it Matter to Your Benefit!

Work Space Matters: Make it Matter to Your Benefit!

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You wouldn’t think that where your employee’s desk/cubicle/workspace/meeting area is, or how it is configured, matters to his/her performance – beyond the basics of clean and functional, but it actually matters quite a bit.

And it isn’t so much a question of fancy interior design and ergonomic everything (as nice as that might be), but more a question of how much leeway do your employees have in designing their own work space?

The more autonomy employees are given in terms of time and space management has been shown to lead to greater organizational productivity, and positive impact on their motivation and performance.

Diane Hoskins, co-CEO of the design and architectural firm Gensler, who has spent her career designing workplaces and studying the link between design and business performance, points to Facebook as a prime example:

“At their headquarters, employees have the ability to tailor the layout, height, and configuration of their own desks based on personal preference. Teams can also create whatever workspace layout best supports their project, moving desks into a circular break-out space or a long row of desks, for example.”

Admittedly, most companies don’t have Facebook’s means or resources to provide their employees with such possibilities, however, most companies can find a way to allow employees some autonomy in designing their work-space.

For example, ask your team members: which project layout would work better for them? Or which room/space would make for more productive meetings? How can cubicles/workspaces be set up to support most effective and satisfying performance?

Your employees are best placed to know what physical conditions would facilitate their best work.

Ask, and you will receive!


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