Management Success Tip #113: Nap Your Way to Success

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Time to discuss a serious subject: napping.

You think I’m kidding? I am not. Not for an instant. Did you know that fatigue costs American businesses $63 billion a year in lost productivity? That sleep deprivation, apart from making you cranky, causes serious safety lapses as well as a myriad of health issues.

Fatigue drains you of your creativity, your enthusiasm, and your ability to be fully present. Companies are becoming more and more aware of just how important it is to have well-rested employees. For example, Arianna Huffington reports that: “At The Huffington Post’s office in New York, we’ve installed two nap rooms . At the beginning, our reporters, editors, and engineers were reluctant to use them, afraid that people might think they were shirking their duties. But it’s a sign of our time of transition that, these days, our nap rooms are always booked. We have to change workplace culture so that what’s stigmatized is not napping but walking around drained and exhausted.”

A company that provides nap rooms is wonderful, but may not be something your company is anywhere close to considering. Not a problem. Naps don’t have to be a big deal.

You can nap by simply laying your head on your desk, and setting your phone alarm for 10 or 20 minutes of snooze time. If you don’t have a door you can close to assure yourself of some privacy, consider taking 20 minutes of your lunch break as snooze time in the privacy of your car. I did that one for years before I was granted an office-with-a-door.

You will be a happier manager, and thus be more available to making your employees happy, if you take a few moments during your day to refresh yourself.

Nap on!


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