Management Success Tip #106: Combat Employee Confusion and Apathy with Clear Expectations

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Confusion never serves. If your employees are unclear about how their jobs are to be done, how it is evaluated, or how it is rewarded, they cannot perform at their best.

Beyond that, confused employees tend to disengage emotionally and mentally from the job, leading to indifference and apathy. With that, performance and productivity automatically decline.

For example, Deep Nishar reports:

Recently at LinkedIn, a senior executive learned from an employee survey that people were unclear about how their performance was being measured. The executive took immediate corrective action. Within a week of receiving the data, he had pulled together a clear and detailed explanation and held a town hall to explain the performance management process clearly and transparently. The team’s results are now on the upswing.”

Be clear! Your employees and your business will thrive accordingly.


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