Management Success Tip #89: Stop Dissing Your Millennials: Use Their Awesome Internet & Social Media Skills Instead!

Image courtesy of patpitchaya /

But here’s the thing: not everybody respects those oh-so-important features of your being, nor what they contribute to the workplace. Yet they should. Really.

Monique Valcour summarizes it well when she says: “One significant way in which Millennials are different from older generations is their relationship to and facility with technology. Using computers and social technology extensively since birth has shaped the ways in which they search for information, solve problems, relate to others, and communicate. They are adept at finding information and expect it to be readily available.”

That last line is the key: “adept at finding information.” There’s gold in them thar hills!

Use your Millennial employees’ swift and accurate ability to sift through the endless stream of cyber-information and social-media. Put them to work getting you the information you need: they’re good at it, they love it, and they do it well.

Yet another easy way to make your employees happy as they make you happy!

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