Management Success Tip #88: Low Cost Employee Rewards Yield Large Productivity/Performance Outcomes!

Image courtesy of tiverylucky /

Highly successful companies know all about making employees happy through rewards. The good news is, those rewards don’t have to cost much, sometimes nothing at all! Just some forethought and a little effort.

For example, as Jacob Kache reports:

“Web storage company NetApp has a long list of rewards and benefits that it offers its employees, but one of the most impressive is that the company’s vice chairman will ask for recommendations of people who are doing a good job, and then he calls 10 to 20 employees every day to thank them for their good work.”

Kache goes on to say, “Wegmans has an employee turnover that is surprisingly low for a grocery store chain, at just 3.6 percent. Part of the reason for this is that they reward their employees regularly with gift cards for good work.”

A small investment in tangible appreciation for your employees’ good work yields surprisingly large results.  How’s that for cost-benefit?!

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