Management Success Tip #24 : Don’t be an MIA manager: Be available!

You’re busy, I get it. You spend way too much time in meetings (not that you want to, but hey, that’s the biz), so you’re not in your office all that much. And yeah, employees stop by at the most inconvenient times, when you’re right in the midst of a critical client call, or project, so you do find yourself saying “I’m busy, come back later” a lot.

But what’s the big deal? So they come back later!

Only they don’t. Instead, productivity decreases, absenteeism increases. Why? You’re MIA. And if you’re MIA for your employees, they’ll stop seeing reasons why they should be present for you.

Make your employees happy. Be available. If need be, schedule a time slot every day when your door really is open.


Management Success Tip #23 : Indecision Makes Workers Nuts: Make Up Your Mind!

You’d think today’s employees would just love a manager who doesn’t micro-manage them. And that’s true, they do! But there’s a world of difference between not micro-managing, and falling into manager-indecisiveness.

Micro-managing is when you’ve given explicit instructions, and then look over your employee’s shoulder every five minutes to see how they’re doing what they’re doing. Not good.

Manager indecisiveness is responding to “How do you want me to do this?” with “However you want” or “Give it your best shot” and leaving it at that. Not much better. In fact, not good at all. Your poor employee is left with guessing how you might want it done, and guaranteed is not going to do it in a way that pleases you. You now have one anxious employee, who more than likely is going to take the safest road possible, meaning probably a mediocre approach.

You end up thinking you have a slug for an employee, when all the employee is doing is trying not to guess wrong!

Don’t put your employees in the position of second-guessing what you want. Give clear direction (including timing) and then let them get to it.